[How to marinate pine eggs]_ pickling method _ method steps

[How to marinate pine eggs]_ pickling method _ method steps

Songhua egg, also known as preserved egg, is a unique Chinese food, but some people feel the taste very clearly, and some people like it very much. This kind of Songhua egg is marinated, but how to pick it is more deliciousHow about it?

The main raw material of Songhua egg is duck egg. In addition, you need to prepare caustic soda and black tea powder. The process of making at home is quite complicated. We need to learn more about the specific steps.

Preparation method of Songhua egg Preparation materials: duck egg 10 months, water 10 kg, 500-600 grams of caustic soda, 200 grams of black tea powder, 400 grams of salt: 1. Prepare a large pot, pour black tea powder, add 3In the clear water of the soup, cook on high heat until the tea juice turns dark brown, then strain the tea leaves for later use.

2. Prepare a jar, add caustic soda, add 7 inches of water, and stir slowly until completely dissolved. Pour in tea and salt and stir well.

3, add duck eggs, use tools to press under the liquid surface, cover with a lid to seal, put in a place where the temperature is 20 seconds, and marinate for about 13 days.

4. After the time is over, open an egg and peel it for inspection. If the protein inside is solidified and transparent, proceed to the next step.

5. Prepare 50% of the material solution and add 50% cold water to soak it for 10-15 days, then you can put in the egg of Songhua.

The nutritional value of Songhua egg Although Songhua egg contains a lot of heavy metals, it is not suitable for children to eat, but from the point of view of nutritional effects, Songhua egg has the effects of soothing throat, clearing heat, sobering, and intestinal fire, and Songhua egg can also treat diarrhea.
Many times, vinegar is eaten with Songhua eggs. Why?

Songhua eggs eaten with vinegar can also absorb heat, reduce inflammation, nourish the heart, and nourish, and can also treat periodontal disease, aphtha and other symptoms. Frequent dry throat and thirst can also be relieved.

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