Meditation: The Most Competitive Preventive Medicine

Meditation: The Most Competitive Preventive Medicine

Chapter 6:29 of “Bhagavad-gita” states that by running off the mind of running away with yoga, the heart of running away will be surrendered.

Chapter 6:18 also says that if a yogi can control his inner activities, clear all material desires, and achieve transcendence, then he is the highest state of yoga.

  Yoga meditation also has a very positive effect on human health.

Yoga meditators also feel less nervous, angry, etc. because they are calmer inside.

This in turn means that he may suffer from many diseases caused by tension and depression.

In a sense, because the human immune system is closely linked to the human mindset, it can be said that yoga meditation is the most preventive medicine.

  Yoga meditation practitioners are also better able to abandon those bad habits that are destructive to health, such as drinking, smoking, and taking drugs.

Improper sex and so on.

Yoga meditation is a key way to ensure that both rework and mental health are healthy.

  Meditation posture and method: Sit in the position of golden lotus (left foot on thigh and right foot on left thigh). If you cannot do lotus, you can kneel and cross your thumbs and then sitOn both feet.

Or sit naturally with your legs folded.

The body is straight, and the cervical spine, spine, lumbar spine and coccyx are kept in the same straight line.

Keep your forefinger and thumb fingertips together, relax the other three fingers, but do not bend them, tilt your palms up or down, and place them at the top to focus on the brows.

  At the beginning, sit quietly in a comfortable yoga position with minimal closure.

Breathe deeply.

Pay great attention to each inhalation and exhalation.

Every time you exhale, chant “Hum?”


Em “.

Listen very attentively to this voice.

Every time I inhale, I meditate to myself on the yoga voice, “Hum?


Sum. ”

Continue doing this exercise at least fifty times.

If your mind is walking and you don’t pay attention to your voice, gently draw it back.

Neither force your concentration, or let your mind wander westward and unrestrained.

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