Demystifying the Three Roots of Babies

Demystifying the Three Roots of Babies

Some babies hit others when they are angry, some babies hit others when they are happy, some babies hit others again and bite others, and some babies hit both children and grandparents . if you develop habits, how will he get along with othersHow about it?

Parents are really worried about this “violent” behavior of their baby!

  Babies under the age of 3 are actually using this aggressive behavior to express their desires or feelings, but it is completely wrong to say that “children are small, ignorant, and will naturally change when they grow up”, early childhood “The habit of hitting people will affect your baby’s life!

A 22-year follow-up study of 600 dreams by psychologists found that aggressive records at age 3 and a half can effectively predict aggressive behavior in adulthood, whether male or female.

Therefore, the baby’s aggressiveness will have an impact on his life. When a baby has aggressive behavior for the first time, the parents must find ways to stop him, use the situation to dispel his aggressive behavior, and when there are different reasonsLet ‘s take a look at how to do it properly.

  First, the baby loves to hit people and misunderstand the parents’ praise. It ‘s almost 17 months. Whenever the baby is having fun with his family or neighbors, he will suddenly raise his little hand to hit someone’s face, beat it, and hide it.Can’t escape.

Seeing what he means is not to express dissatisfaction or provocation. What does that mean?

  When the child was about 9 months of age, the functional differentiation of the hand suddenly developed, and the control ability from the wrist to the upper arm made a great breakthrough.

Hitting people will make them experience unprecedented fun, just like we suddenly have a certain skill, they are willing to use it.

  When a parent has a baby playing, sometimes the baby will unknowingly pat the parent’s face and make a happy laugh.

At this time, if the parents incorrectly guide and strengthen this action, exaggerate their skills, or feel that the action is cartoon, and simply kiss their little hands to indicate “do well”, it will cause the baby to like beating.

  In addition, the baby is over 1 year old. During the language development process, there is a stage where the best “Da, Da, Da” is similar to “Da”, and there is a flapping action on the hand, which is necessary for the baby’s language development.a process.

At this time, if the parents incorrectly guide and strengthen this action, it will cause the baby to like to hit people.

  Another possibility is that some parents like flirting and flirting with each other in front of the baby. In this way, the baby may mistakenly think that “slap” is a way to express “happy” and “like” emotions.

  The younger the baby, the easier this “beating” expression is to fix and the easier it is to correct.

In addition to teaching the baby basic life skills and knowledge, we also need to teach the baby the correct emotional model, such as teaching the baby to kiss the parents, gently touching the parents to show love for parents and others.

When a baby hits someone, the parents’ attitudes and practices at that time are very important.

Whatever the reason for beating the face, you can put them directly on the ground, point your hands at the child’s nose, and tell him seriously and peacefully: “Mom / Aunt doesn’t like beating children!

“Hold for 1 minute and make it clear that no one should hold the child. In the future, the baby’s aggressive behavior will diminish.

In addition, a responsive parent can try to divert the baby ‘s attention. For example, when he raises his hand, he will do a high-five gesture. The mouth can have a rhythmic “You take one, I take one”, for a long time, The child will change the habit of raising hands and beating people, raising his hands, his inertia is to play that clap game!

  Second, my baby loves hitting people. I’ve been testing my baby for 19 months. I don’t know why. When I go out to play with other children, I always like hitting people. Sometimes someone wants to grab his toy. He wants to defend himself; sometimes it’s okay.”撩” others.

Everyone dares to fight, making it “famous” in the community playground.

When he hits someone, I will hit him. I do n’t know if it ‘s right. He seems to be used to it. When I walked with a stern face, he would reach out and hit me.Bottom: How to educate him next?

  Some children do not hit anyone at home, and when they enter the crowd, they will hit their buddies.

Sometimes he beats people because he doesn’t associate with other children yet. He wants to show friendship; sometimes he wants to attract the attention of others; sometimes he uses body language to communicate with others, but he can’t control himself well.Action amplitude and strength.

If this is the case, the mother can hold his hand and teach him to communicate with others by pulling or touching, and tell him that if you hit others hard, others will hurt, and you can try it on him.Let him have an emotional understanding.

  Some children hit people because they don’t use words to express their needs, so they will use the way of beating people to attract others’ attention and express their wishes.

If this is the case, let the babies learn how to interact with others, such as how to persuade others to return the toys, or to persuade others to “play around.”

  There is also a situation that children of this age hit people because the child wants to test out what the consequences will be.

It is often the case that when a child hits a companion and sees that the companion is crying sadly, he will also cry.

At this time you have to seize the opportunity to say to him: “Look, you hurt your brother, my brother is so sad, my mother takes you to say sorry to my brother!

“If the child was beaten by someone else, you can’t instruct your child to” beat his teeth, “and also beat others. Instead, take the opportunity to educate him while comforting him and say,” Is it painful? This is what I getWhy did you say that you can’t hit people, you have to remember!

“Let the child experience the pain from the pain.

In this way, he will no longer hit people in the future.

  If the persuasion method does not work, you can further adopt the “body restraint method”, immediately let the child sit down and face you, grab the child’s arms and shoulders, release it after about 1 minute, and tell the child what is wronglocal.

Using this restraint for a week can correct your child’s bad behavior.

Parents should never physically punish their children. From this case, we can find that the punishment of “hands-up” will soon lose its effectiveness, and may also cause the child to “violently resist violence” when he grows up.

The best way is to “coldly treat”-put aside the wayward baby and tell him that his parents love him, but you must wait until he makes him wrong before talking to him.Just say this once, don’t explain too much to your baby.

  Third, the baby loves to beat people. In order to avoid being left out, the child has just turned two years old, but found that she has become more and more domineering recently. As long as there are guests at home and the mother is distracted to receive, she will cry and stick her mother to prevent herAnd the personality of the guests; if not, they will run over to hit the guests, so that mothers dare not let relatives and friends come home, or dare to bring their children to dinner with others, what can I do?

  Children around the age of two are at a stage of rapid development of self-awareness. They care about whether the mother and guests notice her. When they find themselves left out, they often have uncomfortable emotions, crying, falling, beating, etc.Then comes along.

Sometimes children hit people, not because they hate the guests, and even “jealous” the guests took away the attention of the mother.

In order for her mother to turn her head to pay attention to her, aggressive behavior is the most direct and effective way. Even if the mother scolds her, it may not be possible for a two-year-old child to “beat” and “be beaten”.Scold “link!

  Do n’t “hang” the child by the side, or even promote the interaction between the child and the guests: let the guests listen to the children performing nursery rhymes; look at her building castles and graffiti paintings . make her feel that the guests have arrived but did not let herBeing left out in the cold has also increased her attention.

Similarly, when receiving guests, parents must always let their children know that you are following her.

  What if the child has “attacked” the guest?

In addition to stopping immediately, grab the hand that hits her, and look directly into her eyes, so that the child clearly knows that you are angry and sad because of her behavior. The purpose is to let the child understand that it is wrong to hit.

  Other possible reasons for the baby to “beat people” ● The baby accidentally sees violence, there are TV shows with fighting scenes, including some imported facts, the baby will imitate the violence scenes in the TV show.

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to help the baby choose healthy content and other TV programs, and watch the TV with the baby while explaining the reason.

  ● Parents have bad habits such as beating people, being rude, or having domestic violence.

Parents should use good behaviors to influence their babies, and don’t let bad behaviors be passed on to their babies.

For example, rude words, debauchery, etc.

  ● Parents are busy with work or have fun, rarely take care of the baby, rarely communicate with the baby, the baby is lonely inside, and will also let out by beating.

In this case, it is very important for parents to spend more time with their baby and rebuild the child’s innermost security.

  ● Lead poisoning or other heavy metal poisoning can cause irritability and beating.

Due to car exhaust pollution and decoration pollution, the irritability and beating behavior caused by excessive blood lead are increasing, and it is necessary to attract parents’ attention.

Drinking more milk and mung bean soup and less playing on the main road can prevent and treat high blood lead.

It is also important to moderately supplement the necessary trace elements under the guidance of a doctor.

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