5 lie to practice yoga and Pilates

5 lie to practice yoga and Pilates

The masters of yoga are “a sense of balance”, “peace and stability in the mind”, and “clear spirit”, not to see who can bend the body into an arch bridge.

  Myth 1: The flexibility of the best yoga hands must be amazing. The fact is that the masters of yoga are “balance”, “peace and stability in the mind”, and “clearness in the mind”. It is not a competition.If you can bend into an arch bridge, or if you can put your head between your legs, if you blindly pursue this, you will always be a layman in yoga.

  Myth 2: Practicing Pilates can lengthen muscles and increase height. Fact: Give up this illusion!

After you mature, the length of the muscles will not change anymore. Pilates can only do that to help you stretch those muscles that have not been fully compressed.

However, it is undeniable that practicing Pilates can improve the flexibility of the body and cultivate the correct standing posture of raising your chest and raising your head. It can indeed make you look “long”.

  Myth 3: Pilates will make you lose weight Fact: I’m sorry to tell you that this is a lie.

Unless you are already a very advanced Pilates practitioner, the energy consumed by practicing Pilates alone is not enough for you to lose your aunt.

  Myth 4: A strong back is a healthy back Fact: The reason most hip injuries occur is because of sudden muscle pulls and incorrect cushioning postures, not because your steps are not strong enough.

If a strong “inverted triangle back” is always injured during twisting or weightlifting exercises, sorry, it can only be said that it does not look so healthy.

  Myth 5: If the tail is not good, try to do less exercise. Fact: Just as the machine will become inactive, doing sports like brisk walking is good for the recovery of the lower back.Many muscles of the tibia can be exercised, and it can reduce the pressure on the spine, allowing the fragile tibia to recover as soon as possible.

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