[How to steam bird’s nest]_Steaming method_How to steam

[How to steam bird’s nest]_Steaming method_How to steam

Bird’s nest is an extremely precious medicinal material and food. Bird’s nest has a nourishing and cosmetic effect. Pay attention to the correct use of mineral water when stewing bird’s nest. Because mineral water is pure water, it will be stewed after filtering.The stew is not very complicated, but after soaking, use small tweezers to remove all impurities from it, so that you can eat the purest bird’s nest.

Material usage: Bird’s nest, two bottles of mineral water, one bottle.

Two dried bird’s nests, soaked in water, depending on their own container!

It is recommended to make it after eating. Bird’s nest is not eaten in the refrigerator.


After six hours of foaming, use tweezers to remove impurities. Don’t care if the diners eat it directly, but the appearance is not good!

Change water for cleaning, preferably with pure water or mineral water.


Add mineral water to the pan and steam for half an hour!

Do not overfill the inner water, the bird’s nest will be soaked after steaming!

After the gas stove is turned on, change to low fire!


Steam well, cool and add to the refrigerator to prepare food!

You can add hot milk, coconut milk, Tremella bacon, according to the amount!

Finished in a week!

Blood swallow steamed cabbage material: 200 grams of blood swallow, 650 grams of cabbage heart, 20 capsules of wolfberry, top soup, prebiotics, salt, chicken powder, monosodium glutamate. Put the cabbage heart in water on a plate.

Put some blood swallows on a piece of cabbage, cover a slice of cabbage, and put some blood swallows. After setting up three layers, add the top soup, put the soaked wolfberry, and steam it in a basket for 25 minutes.

Based on the bird’s nest in clear soup, the cabbage heart and blood swallow are combined to make the clear fragrance of cabbage in the soup.

Tips and tricks. The shape is chic and the soup is mellow.

Papaya milk stewed bird’s nest material 3g dry bird’s nest, 20g papaya, 20ml milk, small amount of honey1.

Wash the surface of the dried bird’s nest, put it in a clean bowl, and pour 50ml of purified water 2.

Soak for about 4 hours, until the swallows are fully enlarged to 3.

The soaked bird’s nest is about 6-7 times the original weight4.

Put the soaked swallows into the filter and rinse them out. If there are fine fluff, pick out 5 with tweezers.

Tear the bird’s nest into thin strips along with the texture of the bird’s nest and add it to the stew pot.

Cover and add to the pot. The water level in the pot is half high in the stew pot. Slowly simmer for 45 minutes over low heat.

Peel and peel the papaya and cut into small pieces 8.

Put papaya and milk in the stewed bird’s nest 9.

Add rock sugar to melt or cool slightly, add honey and mix well and serve

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